'Greatest Hits' tweets hilariously expose our preconceived ideas about jobs.


When we hear someone has a certain job, we make a series of assumptions about what life is like in that profession. However, more often than not, their jobs are less romantic than we think.

Here’s a list of tweets that skewer the silly assumptions we make about people and the work they do.

1. Yes, I’m actually your doctor

2. Have you started passing gas?

via Twitter

3. It’s on the syllabus

4. What made you think that was an emergency?


5. YouTube does not make it true

6. Seriously, not an emergency

7. What does your company actually do?

8. I’ve clearly failed as a mother

9. How did this ever work?

10. Dating is wild

11. I don’t care what Dr. Oz said

12. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills

This article was originally published by our partners at Humans of Tumblr and was written by Melinda Sineriz.

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