Hollywood Stars Caught Bribing College Admissions for Their Kids | The Daily Show


Federal prosecutors uncover a complex web of bribery, cheating, and even tax fraud among affluent parents, including Hollywood actors, to pay their kids’ ways into top colleges.

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  1. I don't sympathize with those parents. But I sympathize with some of those kids. Some of them were in on the scam, but apparently, some were not. They believed they had entered that prestigious school with their own efforts. And now, they discover their parents cheated the dice…

  2. They should get some jail time…. ppl get jail time for minutiae things, 30 days 90 days… and it ruins lives… put them in jail and their thoughts on prison reform might change.

  3. What a suprise! The academy, an institution used to gatekeep access to knowledge and in turn power dating as far back as ancient greece or at least the medieval academy, was manipulated to put access to knowledge in the minds of rich kids all while under the oligarchical system of capitalism? Who could have POSSIBLY seen this coming?

  4. Can we just arrest every white person at this point? I mean stealing African and selling them for slavery, the ‘war on drugs’, school shooting, police shooting innocent black people, The Trump Administration keeping Latino kids in cages, Tomi Lahren (just her existing garentees life in prison), and all of (Andrew)Jackson-Nixon-Bush-Trump everything that happened.

  5. This is why wealthy "philanthropy" is bullshit… sure, they do some good, but then they use these organizations to create massively unfair advantages or launder money…

  6. That's BS to state kids don't know they cheated. All kids know how they rank in high school. In some schools you actually get a number ranking of how good you are in school.

  7. Ofc the media focusses on a celeb, but let’s not forget the brody, braden, brad, troy, trey, breydan, brock, spencer, channing, bradley, tallan, kip and skip types who get in bc of daddy’s money… and think they deserve to get into an ivy league bc of legacy!

  8. How greedy can the wealthy be? They didn't get to be that wealthy by being generous, giving human beings. They got there by being fucking greedy…they won't pay the price. The wealthy never pay for their crimes. You can steal millions from people if you're rich and get a slap on the wrist. You only go to jail by stealing while being poor.

  9. each person should be required to pay the same exact amount they forked over to get their kids in colleges to students that have student loan debt. the students with student loan debt should be chosen at random

  10. I know this is tragedy as light humor. And i love that. However…..this makes my stomach hurt. As a parent of a college kid. I busted my ASS getting her through Grammar, Middle and HS. Shes been on the Honor Roll every marking period since 2nd grade. My husband and I both work 2 jobs.

    Applying for scholarships and fasfa was an additional full time job. She was accepted to all 6 colleges she applied to. Went to her top choice.

    After her first year, we could no longer afford the tuition and dorm room. She is now back home in a community college waiting to transfer to and undergrad school closer to home.
    Like Trevor said: every parent wants the BEST for their kids.
    Ppl like me and so many others, actually RAISE their kids to be the best. While these low life parents LAUGH at their decption and lies.
    Creating a whole new generation of incompetent, inhumane, lairs and cheats. This really makes me nauseous. 😞😒 that my kid has to share a planet with those kids, who are completely unworthy.💯


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