Beto O’Rourke’s Texas-Sized Tease & Joe Biden’s Lead in Presidential Polls | The Daily Show


As the Democrats’ 2020 field expands, high-profile maybes Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden are keeping the country guessing about whether they’ll run.

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  1. most of these polls are run by former Clinton staffers who deeply despise Bernie Sanders, the Billionaire class and millionaire class like Trevor Noah are pushing for Kamala and Biden, even though to the average working class person we all know Bernie#2020, but see how the corporate media snow balling progressives like Tulsi, Warren, Bernie. Beto is Republican Light.

  2. Who has the best ideas, has been saying the same things for years, and when he finally got national attention totally shifted the democratic platform and the way corporations treat their employees? Our next president Bernie Sanders.

  3. Trevor your president made fun of Beto's hand movements when i saw it, i remembered the video you showed about a gayish lying jumkie trumpie's hand movement appearing to be jack king off a giant

  4. Biden took himself out of the race by suggesting Mike Pence is a decent guy. Then he backpedaled and said, "“I was making a point in a foreign policy context". Oh my God Pence wants to start a war with Venezuela. Best candidate IS and always has been Bernie Sanders.

  5. lmao bernie is so clearly the front runner. beto barely polls at above 10%. this is not accurate trevor, you & your writers should do better. makes me question all your other coverage

  6. Ughhh, tired of Democrat jumping into the election bid. And do bidden he got 8yrs being vice president, so get FKN lost Biden!
    You just need to get the out there and unite the FKN Democratic party!
    But if the Dems solidate the choices, I'll back whom ever comes the primary!

  7. I think there is a bit of a feedback loop, like news focuses on candidates like Joe Biden, and then all of a sudden Joe seems popular. Like not trying to be unfair to Joe Biden, but this atmosphere seems unfair to everybody else.

  8. WHy the fuck aren't you mentioning Bernie Sanders? Are the Democrats already trying to get rid of him like the last time, and the schill media picks up on that??? Because the last time you did that, it didn't turned up fucking well, did it??? Sigh…..


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