Man faces felony charges after video shows him dipping his crotch in salsa


Stiffing your server is never a great look, but sticking your balls in the cheapskate’s salsa? Now that just crosses the line. But that’s exactly why a 31-year-old-man from Tennessee faces felony charges. A Facebook video appearing to show him in the act was reported to police, according to BuzzFeed News.

The video shows Howard “Matt” Webb, who was arrested Friday on felony charges, bringing an open container of salsa to his crotch and allegedly dipping his testicles into a customer’s food order.

“This is what you get when you give an 89-cent tip for an almost 30-minute drive,” the person behind the camera says. It was reportedly filmed and posted back in January by Chaneese Booker, a former driver for the food delivery company Dinner Delivered. Webb is unaffiliated with the company but rode along with her as she made deliveries.

Dinner Delivered’s general manager, Aliyah Wilson, told BuzzFeed News that she’d been alerted of the video by a third party and promptly relayed it to the Maryville Police Department. Booker’s contract was immediately terminated, Wilson said, though she initially downplayed the act to press as a mere joke.

“The video doesn’t show anything … It doesn’t show his testicles,” Wilson said. “It was a joke [and] the people filming it jokingly [said] they were doing this.”

Webb faces charges of “adulterated food/liquid/drugs” according to police, which carries a possible sentence of three to 15 years in prison. Authorities report the investigation is ongoing.

While the original video has been removed, a version re-uploaded one week ago has nearly 120,000 views.

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