Jussie Smollett Turns Himself in to Police for Staging a Hate Crime | The Daily Show


Actor Jussie Smollett turns himself into Chicago police for staging his own hate crime attack in the hope of getting a raise for his role on “Empire.”

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  1. He is giving assholes more excuse to abuse the 'presumption of innocence and guilt' by accusing every alleged victim as liars and painting every suspect as the victims.

    He is giving them more excuse to dismiss the existence of hate crimes.

  2. It doesn't make sense?! You democratic lefty liberatards created this demand for selective "victimhood culture". You people looking out for any minority, people of color or women to summit a victimhood story, you won't ask for any evidence, just take their word for it and give them full support from the liberatard npc community and fame from lefty globalist fake news coverage.
    they just have to make sure the perpetrators are trump supporting white men.

  3. I love how everyone is so shocked. More people judge other on the content of their character then they think. Most people are just intitled, tribal twats that cant get over themselves and make everyone else suffer. George Carlin was right: " THE PUBLIC SUCKS, FUCK HOPE!" For those that think I dont have a right to say this, enjoy, watch and fucken learn.

  4. I knew this was fake tbh. Soon as he said he was jumped by 2 people and i seen a pic of his face afterwards.. All he had was a small little cut under his eye. That told me it was fake. Who whoops someone ass and only leave a small baby cut on your face? He shoulda had a black eye, broken nose, busted lip, etc.. nobody whoops anybody with only body punches and nothing to the face. Face is usually first thing to get messed up in a fight

  5. Such a disappointment. He was doing good, why would he do such a stupid thing? People really go through this everyday and he decided to make a joke out of it. so disrespectful to black people and the LGBTQ community

  6. I knew the thing was fake from the time Jussie reported it. If this had been a true racial attack, he wouldn't have had a little tiny scratch on his face. This IS Chicago, right? A major city at 2am. No broken bones or swelled up face, no ambulance called either. Did he even go to the emergency room?
    I hope the judge throws the book at this attention whore. I hope he has to pay back every single cent the city paid to investigate this pile of shit. Sorry, but this makes me sick. 😠😠😠😠😠

  7. Holy shit that closer was the best line out of all the comedy to come out of this news.
    We hate him for the content of his character and that's a progress, is spot on.

  8. Does this now mean Jussie and hi co-horts will be getting a new title of "Stupid Criminals" on the Internet???

    If not, they should!

    What the heck were they thinking? That this was just an acting gig?



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