Bricky the Border Wall Rallies Trump Supporters in El Paso | The Daily Show


Our own Bricky the Border Wall chats with Trump supporters at a rally in El Paso, TX rally about their border security-related hopes and fears.

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  1. Just listen to these people,
    jumping for joy about barriers, separation, barbed wire, electrified fencing, and just straight-up murdering other humans.
    These people are just so sick in the mind. They don't care about tunnels or ladders or airplanes, or other obvious methods to get around a wall
    because they know the wall won't make them safer, what they want is to inflict suffering on others. To cause pain and feel justified.

  2. 1.4bill USD for 55 miles of wall…. I dont stay in the US but i do have that nagging voice telling me that in the future… the wall is completed less than 55 miles …. and much of the money being pocketed by some companies and certain people…. rich people..
    they can also claim that the funding receive is less than 1.4bil…. ah…
    they can also claim that it was extra funding to complete the remaining section of the 55 miles…. and if anyone inspects or investigate, they are either arrested or accuse for trespassing.
    so yes…. untrustworthy…Im not sure about the tax payer are going to be sitting down and obliged.

    Though the people in mexico should not have try to cross into America… imho. I dont think that your country is screwed and then you decide to leave it. It is as though that the problem is cause in mexico and expect others to solve it. The same can be said about America… American problem is American responsibility. Mexican problem is Mexican responsibility. I dont see why does crossing the border would help solve local issues.

  3. I really dislike the actor playing Bricky, it's the usual usual usual guy :/. Every character or thing he does is with the same damn intonation, sorry I really don't find it funny

  4. Hello from El Paso, I wonder how many of those people are from outta town xD we are very democratic here. I've never seen a single pro-Trump anything lol, Ft.Bliss, of course, skews the demographic some, but nevertheless, I believe it's safe to assume many Trump supporters traveled in from the east ca. Midland area.

  5. The wall in Israel , keeping Palestinian frames away from their farm , children away from their schools , and sick people away from hospitals , that Zionist lady takes about how great is the wall , I feel sorry for her. And for the children she raised to be racists.


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