Frank Bruni – The Whiplash Experience of Trump’s Second State of the Union | The Daily Show


New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Bruni weighs in on Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address and examines the president’s call for unity and his fake feminism.

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  1. Yeah Trump has been rather two sided usually after these state of the union speeches. On one hand he's attempting to be Presidential, on the other he's tryna elevate himself and/or demolish his ability to be Presidential by simply tweeting a horrible tweet.

  2. This implies that Trump wasn't lying when he called for unity and bipartisanship… That was probably the least honest trope of the entire speech! He's actively TRYING to drive the country apart!

  3. ionknow where this dude was but he told 1 truth during the whole thing fuck you mean? some lies?, how do trump ass lickers look your selves in the fuckin mirror knowing your supporting and ass licking a man who gives zero fucks bout you or your families? hows that Tax break treatin yall?

  4. Traitor Evil mentally sick old trump is nothing,but a liar, very sick old man, TRAITOR and a puppet of Putin who has only one desire to destroy our Nation. Blame goes to GOP's for giving Traitor Trump this job.

  5. I live in Norway, a social democracy. We have cradle to grave health coverage, free college, 1 year maternity and 1 month paternity leave, 25 dollar minimum wage, unemployment and a big, robust middle class. The United States could have the same if they would only do like here and tax the wealthy, who remain, btw, wealthy. Talk about a no-brainer…


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