CP Time: The History of Civil Rights Marches | The Daily Show


In honor of Black History Month, Roy Wood Jr. looks back at the 1995 Million Man March, the Black Panthers’ protest against gun control and Ida B. Wells’s fight for women’s suffrage.

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  1. Let's stop endorsing negative stereotypes upon ourselves like CP time. You don't realize it, but it affects you even in corporate America. So let's do better. Also, taking something serious and trivializing it wouldn't be appreciated by my ancestors. The Million Man March was a show of solidarity, had nothing to do with Jerry curls which were already out of style at that point. And the Black Panthers were created 2 help the children in the neighborhood, and they ended up having to protect the neighborhood from racial attacks. It wasn't formed for the gun rights. Some people watching this may actually believe you.

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  3. As an outsider the more I learn about the things that African Americans had to go through in the past in the USA. I respect their perseverance and admire the humble way they overcame the white american misstreatment. Not meaning that all white americans are racest because they also played a big part on all these changes.

  4. I wonder if they're aware of the OTHER meaning of CP? I'm curious if they're using it intentionally as a double entendre. I know the phrase colored people's time is offensive, but at least saying that will not bring the feds knocking on your door.

  5. Roy and segments like these are this shows strong points.

    His delivery is always entertaining and i really like segments like these where you can learn a lot or reflect on past accomplishments for black people.

    I would love for Roy to have his own show or gig,but im not sure how he'd fit doing comedy skits for extended period of time. Also this show would probably lose a good chunk of vieweship and take a lot more criticism since the rest of the correspondents lack some delivery and entertainment value.


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