Colin Quinn – Calling for the Breakup of America in “Red State Blue State” | The Daily Show


Colin Quinn explains the rationale behind his proposal to split up the United States and why his new show seems to appeal to people on both sides of the aisle.

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  1. I guess we can take out the "United" states….to see the blood shed even to this day for democracy, freedom and unity which is the strength of this country to be challenged to tribalism is scary. We are better than this and the ones that disagree with the liberty, freedom and justice for all men should move to Russia because that's the only win Puttin deserve.

  2. Global problems require global solutions: I’d start with a Tobin tax and shutting down all tax havens. Also: Government should be able to break up monopolies, it has been done before and should be done again: either Amazon and the big tech companies start paying taxes and paying fair wages, or they should be shattered into pieces. The concentration of influence and wealth is just perverse – and I’m not even speaking of individuals or families yet, I’d start with the big corporations. – Watch Chris Hedges speak: the corporations already have taken over power. Still breaking up states / governments into smaller and even weaker pieces is a bad idea imho. – A strong government is a good thing, as long it is not in the hands of the few rich oligarchs – there must be a way back to government for the people by the people, without shattering it before: the thing that needs shattering are the big corporations and the big private banks most of all: the creation of money should be the prerogative of the state once again, money should be created in the interest of the public, not by private banks lending to the rich for their monopoly games.

  3. about that pianist finger 

    it is like this a person lost arm in a fight do we know if he was a pianist

    no matter who he was

    he could have been unhappy piano teacher who did not get paid salary and has 3 kids at home


    so we make a huge deal over someone son disagreed with putin and the father received a finger in teh mail

    i had dealt with dentist who actually damaged my teeth

    or created it

    they told me it take one dy to fix and shove down all my healthy teeth that look kind of like bottom 

    they just basically talked me into something that they said was easy and they now exactly how and what need to be done.

    so 14 years later her I am still not having any resolution nd afraid to go back. 

    2005 i got the damaged bait

    it is the dad defending oj for free for publicity sake 

    to rove that lawyers so powerful or stand u for a friend where is the father now??

    and mm riding the wave??

    recent movie about incident and against wishes of the victims family there made more money on the death who got paid? i have not heard kardashan were unhappy about oj movie being filmed they could influence

    they say cant blame on kids for parents dead but allowing the movie is entirely on them they allowed it

    they had enough power to influnece white house and president and they could not stop the trashy movie reiterating on their father criminal activity

    kardashian dad is the most criminal out of all even worst then oj

    how many criminal lawyers now quote what he did and how??

    and this is kim fallout and her mom and entire family that release of that movie. 

    so it is all bs

    basically president bush doe snot like black people that summarizes it

    wha kanye said

  4. The idea of splitting the states makes me nervous for a number of reasons, but I'm going to be honest: one major fear I have may sound a bit selfish. I live in a red state, but I'm definitely blue-leaning and I can't just up and move even if breaking the country would put me in a dangerous situation. I know a lot of other people are in a similar situation too. That's why it makes me worry about all the comments saying "Oh yeah, I'd love seeing those red states fall to ruin this way" and things of the sort. On one hand, I really do wish the red states would wake up and look at the statistics: high teen pregnancy rates, poverty, low education, etc. But I don't know what breaking would actually solve for the better of the country/continent/humanity as a whole.

  5. Humans are tribal. If the USA were to split into UDSA and URSA then you would be hearing about how the Far Left wants to break from the UDSA and the Far Right wants to break from the URSA. It fued will only slow to a simmer due to lack of funding, which is when Russia, China, and Saudia Arabia show up to pick a side and turn us into West Syria.

    No Thanks. I’d rather just watch the wave of ignorance get washed away by the wave of enlightenment. It takes time, but it happens without destroying the country.


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