Worst Scandals in Presidential History: Obama’s Latte Salute | The Daily Show


In 2014, Fox News, among others, covered a shocking calamity: President Barack Obama saluted two marines while carrying a latte in his raised hand.

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  1. It kills me the way the treated one of the greatest presidents of all time because he was a GREAT BLACK MAN ❣️❣️❣️ Scandal free but then u have Trump hands down the worst president of all time and barely have bad things to say about hands down the worst president off all time😒😒😒😒💯

  2. How dare you ! All trump has ever done was collude with russia, scam the system, stiff his own employees, pay off hookers, pay off people to stay quiet, sexually harrass women, make fun of everyone whos not on his side, had his own right hand men do dirty work for him so they went to jail instead of him, created jails for mexican children, took away 800,000 jobs just to get his way, took away 10,000,000 footstamps from starving families without a replacement, took away money from healthcare, schools, and much more so that the rich dont have to pay as much taxes any many many many more stuff but thats it !!

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