Another Blackface Controversy in Virginia & Gucci’s Racist Sweater | The Daily Show


Virginia leadership has its third blackface scandal, and Gucci pulls a sweater that evokes racist imagery.

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  1. sigh I'm so pissed off at this and now we know why republicans have been uncharacteristically quiet while all dems have scandal after scandal involving blackface and rape. I live in VA and eastern and central Virginia is not just comprised of redneck hillbillies, you have to drive to the west and toward the Appalachian mountains and THEN you start seeing straight up hicks. Military families like mine have a culture on our and we dont tolerate racism. Racists are 9 times outta 10 bitter old caucasians. our families im starting to realize, are the only reason there is diversity here and when you serve alongside ppl of ALL different races and your faithfully watching each others backs especially in combat, putting your life in someones hands you respect and trust each other whether your white, black, asian, Hispanic and so on. All these so called "leaders" should be forcibly removed and we need like an emergency election or something, wish that was actually a thing cuz we need to replace alot of these charlatans and the LT governor should be in jail right now. Im curious to know who investigated this cuz it doesnt even seem like they put any effort whatsoever into solving it. If anyone knows anything about an investigation into the rape allegations plz lemme know. Im thoroughly disgusted with these so called "Leaders" and thats the sentiment of most Virginians. Yes there are racists here but we far outnumber them and I just want ppl to kno that its not a racist state/commonwealth, its residual racism carried on by bigots. I want them all exposed, ever elected official should be researched so we can get to the bottom of this seemingly endless bigotry.

  2. its a sweater (a fugly one, but a sweater non the less) for christ sake. ppl who only see race are racist. ppl creating the fugly sweater did not consider race during the design. fuck off

  3. There was nothing wrong with that sweater, other than the lips printed on it.
    Nobody would have said anything if the it was a different color in the photos, but had the option of buying it black.

    It would be perfect for snow skiing and snowboarding.
    People's lips do get chapped in the cold from the wind.

    Most ski masks are black and nobody says anything about them.
    Ski masks are creepy.

  4. Gucci is an italian company. All these pointless racist drama bullshit that no one can ever let go of only exists in the US.

    This reminds me of the people who complain the Japanese using the Manji symbol are being racist because they can't tell it apart from a swastika.

    Shit doesnt mean the same thing all over the world. Stop thinking everything, everywhere, is about YOU. For fuck sake. Entitlement is going world wide and it's so dumb.

    Even in fucking south AFRICA where the black people are the natives and the white people are former colonists, this black vs white racist bullshit still doesn't permeate the culture as much as it does in the united states. I mean holy fucking shit, when will people give it a rest? Everyone acts like this is the only country in the world that had slaves. It wasn't. They act like it was the first country to have slaves. It wasn't. They act like they treated their slaves worse. They didn't. They act like they had slaves the longest. They didn't.

    And yet every other people in the fucking WORLD has gotten over it at this point while black people in the US are still overly sensitive about shit that NONE OF THEM EVER EXPERIENCED. They are complaining about kids dressing up as famous black people for halloween for fuck sake.

    If people would just stop making EVERYTHING into a god damn spectacle of pure senseless drama, all this racist shit would go away. But if you keep calling everyone racist, just like you implied the entire state of virginia is racist, then you're going to keep promoting racism purely by association and by making enemies.

    People need to let it go. Let the past die and embrace the future.

    Stop making new movies about slavery every 5 years. Instead make movies about black people who did great things throughout history. Celebrate something GOOD instead of just reiterating slavery over and over and over and over and over every fucking generation. Stop teaching your kids to be afraid of and hate police officers and then maybe they'll stop acting suspicious, nervous, and aggressive toward them. You know, the common signs that they're hiding something and need further investigation or questioning. Every time I see a video about cops supposedly mistreating a black person, EVERY FUCKING TIME it is because they are being disrespectful, rude, acting shady and suspicious. Meanwhile the white people, even dealing with the same cops are complying with commands, being polite, and they aren't being hassled. But if you keep literally training and conditioning your children to fear authority and fight authority then guess what: THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH AUTHORITY THEIR WHOLE LIFE. And yeah they should be scared if they get pulled over for something routine like a speeding ticket and risk getting shot in the face because they're acting violently and not complying with simple commands like keeping their hands where they can be seen.

    I'm just so sick of this self fulfilling prophecy. It won't end until black people decide to end it. Stop acting like victims. Stop training your kids to fear police. Stop telling your kids they will never be treated fairly or never get good jobs. You are the ones holding yourselves down and it breaks my heart because this shit doesn't happen in other first world countries. Black people aren't raised with those idiotic ideas in their heads and guess what? They succeed. They get good jobs. They get good pay. They aren't arrested routinely or shot. They aren't treated with suspicion. It is 100% about culture and attitude. American Black Culture has devolved into a culture of hostility and disrespect.

    And I feel bad for the black people in the United States who aren't like the rest. The ones who do occasionally feel the effects of racism that is being ultimately generated by neighbors. It is shameful on both sides, but it isn't universal and it doesn't have to be. This is a problem unique to the united states because black people never let anything go…

    I've spoken to countless black parents who have "the talk" with their kids like a normal parent would have with their child about things like sex, but instead they're told that they're going to be cheated, feared, discriminated against, etc. Stop teaching this shit to your children! You think you're preparing them for life, but you're actually conditioning them to experience the very thing you're trying to prevent.

    It is no different from people who think they are ugly never trying to ask anyone out on a date because they believe they are ugly. Or people who believe they are stupid never trying to do a certain thing because they think they'll be too dumb to try it. It's the same thing as believing you'll be treated like a criminal so there is no reason to ever try to be law abiding or respectful.

    Just fucking stop. For the sake of your children and the country. Just stop. Let racism die.

  5. Can someone explain to me the history of blackface and why it is offensive? Like, On it’s own, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with using makeup or whatever to change your skin color, but I assume there was a stigma or racial profiling of some sort that went along with it. Please don’t just give me hate, I am just trying to learn about an issue I know very little about so I can understand it better.

  6. So first of all I want to express that I’m African American before I explain to everyone what’s really going on. This is nothing but a marketing strategy to discourage African American consumers from purchasing their products. It’s called “Race Baiting” which is defined as the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people. In other words they want to influence a particular group of people (African Americans) to not want to purchase their product. As you can see that most African American people are disgusted, and are now protesting and boycotting their product. This is exactly what Gucci wants, when they see young black kids and black celebrities Gucci’d down they feel that it makes their product inferior to their competitors. The fashion industry is using this strategy more and more these days because it works. The old strategy doesn’t work anymore like price gouging because a lot of African Americans are willing to pay top dollar for things they want. Just my opinion thanks…

  7. Tbh this is why you need representation in companies like Gucci. If there was a single black person who saw that sweater before it was released they would have done something to stop that sweater from being released in their stores


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