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Michael Kosta visits the training facility for Team Liquid to find out why esports (competitive video gaming) are so popular.

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  1. Our priorities are so screwed up!

    While I love that these kids can earn a living doing what they love, they and professional athletes in general, are making obscene amounts of money.

    Meanwhile there are people working over 40 hours a week in multiple part-time jobs that have a hard time putting food on the table for their kids and can't afford basic medicines (like insulin).

    If we valued science as much as athletics and video gaming, how many diseases could we have already cured?

  2. people over 30 think esport is a joke but they fail to realize is over time as esport pros start earning over $100,000 salaries it's going to appeal to more kids than traditional physical sports.
    consider this: trying to become a professional athlete is nearly impossible and even if you make it chances are you won't make 100s of millions or even 10s of millions of dollars. mean while you destroy your body which will require anti pain meds & surgeries for the rest of your life.
    esport does have risks: potential blood clots sitting for hours on end and carpal tunnel but those are easily managed for an esport organization.
    physical sports aren't going away but they will end up splitting revenue & time investment from fans, particularly those small kids.
    just look at how technology is changing the lives of children: streaming services so no more checking tv guides to have to base your schedule on. getting your news from your smart phone and not a newspaper.
    imagine how different things are going to be for cable tv & newspapers when those elementary school kids become adults.
    those industries aren't dead but they're definitely not growing and they will continue to shrink as the decades pass
    can't wait to see how things change ;D

  3. Ahh, gotta get a chuckle out of all those great products created by the Department of redundant Departments.

    Esports doesnt exist – Its actual term is "Legitimized Uselessness".

  4. the "newest sport"..? Waiting for a news report on movies by you starting with "Now that we finally went from black and white into colour…" – that aside, I really DO think that ranking into the top 1000 of tennis is a pretty darn great accomplishment, kudos.

  5. I'm a hardcore gamer and no video game playing is in no way whatsoever a sport. People who claim this are morons who just want it to be something more than it is.

  6. E sports is good and all but it should never replace sports like football, hockey and of course, tennis 😁 because all these sports keep your body healthy and can be used as an alternative for physical exercise which has a positive impact on brain, whereas playing e sports and chess helps the brain only. Many younger grandmasters of chess also play some other physical sports to maintain their physical and mental health. Sitting in front of a screen for extended time is not healthy. It affects your body and mind.


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