Trump’s Leaked Private Schedule Causes a Stir | The Daily Show


President Trump unveils a dubious defense of his plan to withdraw from Syria, and his leaked schedule suggests he spends most of his day doing nothing.

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  1. Hey Trevor- how does it feel that your 'woke' ad campaign for battlefield V inspired the slogan 'get woke, go broke'? Sales down 50 percent, over a million units less. EPIC fail for social justice. As pewdiepie would say 'Girls are not videogames.'

  2. Trump: I don't want him to play football because he will get brain damage
    Trevor: So what he's saying is he's cool with other people doing it but not his sweet little boy getting brain damage
    Me: I am not surprised, he doesn't really care about anyone else but himself which would include caring only for his fam. Why do you think he's sent the country plummeting downward? That ain't care for his country!

  3. The first bit is the sanest thing I've heard Trump say.

    I have had tons of concussions from horseback riding, and at 30 am already seeing the serious issues involved. I'm broken.

    I will let my kids ride if they want, but they aren't riding young thoroughbreds or rehab mustangs without a helmet like I did.

  4. أي عقوبات يقودها المشرعون الأمريكيين ضد المملكة العربية السعودية ستكون لها أضرارا كبيرة على الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ستكون العقوبات ضد سياسة المملكة العربية السعودية المنفتحة على العالم ونشر السلام والتسامح وتقبل جميع الأديان والمذاهب ونبذ الكراهية والتطرف الديني

  5. It's a GOOD THING he spends 75% of his day doing nothing, we WANT this asshole doing absolutely nothing with his power and position. Imagine if he spent 75% of his time working hard on his fucked up policies…? This news is a blessing in disguise!

  6. Daily show war mongering about Syria. You establishment stooges, there is more than ome way to skin a cat, ground war benifits Military Industry and makes profit, its been highly problematic.

  7. Question:
    Instead of using time and resources investigating a schedule.
    Why not use the time and resources into something productive, like idk, say fixing the warzone of Detroit. Or reuniting immigration families

  8. Good God. People are mad he spends 60% of every day not making erratic decisions regarding matters of state? Let him spend 100% of his time doing nothing. Without Twitter. Without a phone. Just package him away in some bubble wrap until 2021. (Or God forbid we somehow elect him again, until 2025.)


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