This Twitter account will change the way you see Pornhub


Warning: This article contains explicit imagery that is not safe for work (NSFW).

There’s a lot of porn on the internet, and not all of it is good. Sometimes porn videos are so bizarre that you can’t get through them without closing out the tab.

Alternatively, if you’re “Out of Context Pornhub,” you can share the best of the worst on Twitter and laugh along with the rest of the world

Created in January 2019 by Fap Curators, Out of Context Pornhub captures awkward, bizarre, or particularly low-quality porn from Pornhub and shares screengrabs without any explanation. The account’s first tweet was made on Jan. 12, and since then, Out of Context Pornhub has already scored over 6,700 followers. One of its most popular posts, depicting an awkward porn parody of the Pokémon anime series, has been retweeted over 200 times and features over 800 likes.

Screengrabs range in style and humor across Out of Context Pornhub. Some posts make fun of truly awkward sexual encounters.

Others depict the wacky scripts porn writers will put their performers through.

And several screengrabs feature incredibly uncomfortable porn parodies of TV series, video games, and more.

Then there are the truly bizarre posts that just make no sense.

Some Twitter users even recognize the videos from out in the wild. Others are horrified by their existence.

The team behind Out of Context Pornhub, who also run the porn curation site Fap Curators, told the Daily Dot that it was inspired by other “Out of Context” accounts on Twitter, which usually show screengrabs from popular TV shows and films.

“A lot of people know stuff about porn and don’t really talk about it,” the creators of Out of Context Pornhub said. “We would love people to stop [feeling] shame about pornography, and Out of Context Pornhub is a good way to share some (mostly) SFW porno images with friends and have a laugh about it.”

As for why Out of Context Pornhub is popular, it’s simple: the porn industry is so huge and the internet makes porn distribution so easy that there’s an endless demand for pornographic content. Quantity trumps quality, and when that happens, well, we get porn stars in yellow makeup awkwardly dressed up like Pikachu. It’s great pulling just one snapshot of out of these videos and letting your imagination run wild, wondering why a woman is stuck in a wall or what an enormous egg is doing in a porn scene.

The bizarre, awkward, surreal nature of the modern porn industry makes porn hilarious. All it takes is finding the right porn video at the wrong time to find yourself laughing (or cringing) while trying to get off.


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