GOP spokeswoman says Instagram censored her criticism of Elizabeth Warren


Republican Party National Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany tweeted on Wednesday that Facebook-owned platform Instagram threatened to disable her account after removing an image of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)’s old Texas state bar registration card in which she claims Native American heritage.

The 1986 registration card was published on Tuesday in a scoop by the Washington Post.

Warren’s consistent claim of Cherokee ancestry was frequently mocked by conservatives and President Donald Trump, especially after DNA analysis released in October—which showed “strong evidence” of Native American ancestry six to ten generations back—proved insufficient for a claim to any specific tribal nation.

The controversial narrative has reemerged once again, however, as Warren establishes her 2020 presidential bid.

Despite the fact that Warren apologized again following Tuesday’s Washington Post article, conservatives jumped at the news.

It was in doing this that McEnany was hit with a warning by Instagram. The platform deemed the post in violation of its terms of use.

“I have been warned by @instagram and cannot operate my account because I posted an image of Elizabeth Warren’s Bar of Texas registration form via @washingtonpost,” she wrote. “I’m warned that I am “harassing,” “bullying,” and “blackmailing” her”

McEnany says her post wasn’t taken down on Facebook or Twitter.

Still, McEnany is convinced that the platform is engaged in politically motivated censorship to “protect 2020 Dems.”

It’s possible that the post was flagged by Instagram because it included some identifying information, such as Warren’s office address. However, that information is decades out of date.

The Daily Dot reached out to Instagram for comment but has not received a response.


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