Sallie Krawcheck – How Ellevest Is Challenging the Gender Investing Gap | The Daily Show


Sallie Krawcheck explains why diversity initiatives that start from the top aren’t enough, how the financial industry is biased against women and the right way to build a diverse company.

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  1. Who wants to be a CEO? Or a politician? You have to be a madman or a saint. Nothing but big shiny tables and airplanes, trade talk and strange food. Ugh! We made it very competitive to attract the guys, keep them busy, let them play. There's millions of other things to do that don't involve widening your ass and dying early of one of a thousand anxiety-related diseases. The male domains are dull, badly lighted, predictable, filled with nervous sweat and bottled water. Let them have it I say.

  2. Ok women here we go with an honest persons facts :
    1. If it is my business and my vision what right do you have to change what it is?
    2. Women make it bad for other women.. meaning sexual harassment is at an all time high your me 2 movements dont make it ez.
    3. If you want equal pay you need to have equal liabilities as a man .
    4. Women are very good at manipulating and this is a distraction and it is intimidating.

  3. The variation in career choices between men and women, coupled with the different lengths of time men and women spend in their careers, as well as the time men an women take off from their careers, explains the variation in pay between men and women. In the corporate world, variation in salaries often depends on variation in negotiating skills at the time both men and women get hired. Studies show that considerable variation in pay exists even between men doing the same job in corporate America because some men are better at negotiating pay raises than other men. Same is true for some women. Simply search our governments website on occupations/careers in America and you will see women are more likely than men to choose careers that payless than those chosen by men. Teachers, beauticians, florists, cosmetic sales, day care providers, nurses, assisted living providers, home healthcare workers, social workers, telemarketing, these are just a handful of jobs/careers overwhelmingly chosen by women. They pay less than jobs/careers that are more likely to be chosen by men such as, sanitation worker, plumber, airline pilot, police officer, prison gaurd, construction worker, electrician, fighter pilot, soldier, air conditioner technician, auto mobile and airline mechanic, truck driver, farmer, ranch hand, commercial fisher, oil rig worker. Studies show when men and women are in the same profession, doing the same job for the same length of time, and are of the same age, they earn the same wages/salaries. The vast majority of our nation's men and women do not work on Wall Street. Will never be CEO's and hopefully are not as condescending and ignorant as this woman.

  4. This is what happens when you give women Air conditioners they think they are hunters now lol
    Men get paid more because men have to sink with the ship while women and children get the life boats duh
    John F Kennedy put a man on the moon and Barrack Obama put a man in the women's bathroom.
    What are you most proud of Democrats?
    A. 9 month abortions
    B. transgender children
    C. White hatred
    D. socialism
    E. all of the above satanic activity's
    white male maga smirk =p coming at ya

  5. All for equality, but women love wearing the pant's until their femininity plays to their advantage. Pick one. Men don't put on a dress and cry when they don't get their way. I remember back when God told Adam in the garden, I'll give you the perfect partner, She'll be Smart, loyal, exciting, witty, charming, loving and encouraging. A lady on your arm and a whore in the bedroom. But,, It will cost you an arm, a leg, an ear and an eye, Adam thinks for a moment and say's. What can i get for a rib?

  6. Well I see that more or less in the Hispanic community versus the white or black community I find more diversity with white management and black management than Hispanic… Case in point grocery stores restaurants Warehouse exedra…

  7. Oh Please! It's ONLY against BLACK women!! This feminist movement is ONLY gonna support and honor the females of NON-color, sistas don't fall for this bs! Have we not seen how black women have been abused, disrespected in society by white females & men and where have these feminist org been? They haven't spoken out not one time or came to our rescue!!

  8. Bottom line i think best person for the job at the moment should get the opportunity no matter who he,she, or whom ever is the person. This will always have to be challanged so that only the best can compete getting the best for customer.

  9. It all stems from one place, women feel more responsible for there children. So when a man can walk away and be selfish. A woman is stuck sharing what she has, and there's a 50-50 chance that she's sharing that with a male. Anytime there's a common problem across multiple fields, they all have a common fix. Every human must be must be held accountable for the lives they create. Not just financially but emotionally, this is the fundamental issue and will fix more than you can imagine.

  10. I remember her when she came in for a job in the Research Department of a company I worked with in the mid-nineties. She made it to the top as a CEO and now started a company helping women. She is giving back and that's a good thing.

  11. The things is, when you dont have to prove what you base your theories in, and nobody disputes you, you can say whatever you like. Most americans are idiots anyway, they'll eat it up.
    I wonder since ,,male and female are the same thing" nowadays, if a transgender woman has the salary of a ,,man" or ,,woman".

  12. Ok so the real problem is that the opportunity isn't equally being provided & we need to fix that. We can absolutely do that. Also interesting on how different people are looked at differently on qualifications for an opportunity. Really good insight into the inequality within organizations.

    This means that discrimination is being done overtly by changing how evaluations are conducted/reviewed based on criteria like their race or sex. Not surprising because it's hard to accuse discrimination as long as criteria relating to race, sex, specific characteristics, etc. are not the reason for not providing the opportunity.

  13. Hmmm Smith barney, Merrill lynch why are those names familiar, oh yeah they were central players in the 2008 crash and went under. She's just shilling a product that preys on financially unsophisticated women using gender politics.


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