Memphis Bleek & Consequence Pray For Freeway’s Kidney Transplant Surgery


New York rappers Memphis Bleek and Consequence are sending big prayers to Freeway. The duo hit up social media this week to acknowledge Free’s kidney transplant surgery.

Bleek and Cons hopped on Instagram Tuesday (February 5) with support for Free.

A few hours ago, Freeway shared footage of himself moments before going into surgery.

In January 2016, the hip-hop veteran shared eye-cringing hospital clips and gave fans big motivational words.

Back in 2015, Freeway performed at a Philadelphia Kidney event.

Freeway, 37, performed at the National Kidney Foundation’s Philadelphia Kidney Walk Sunday morning at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The annual event, which is held in city’s nationwide, raises money that supports National Kidney Foundation programs and services for kidney patients, their families and people at risk. (NBC Philadelphia)

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