Twitter users find kink-affirming SpongeBob moments


On Thursday, Twitter user @cyberbunbun made a startling discovery: SpongeBob SquarePants was kinky, and none of us realized it.

“YO SPONGEBOB WHAT THE FUCK,” @cyberbunbun captioned a clip from the series. Two fish, seemingly a romantic couple, walk down the sidewalk in Bikini Bottom, remarking about how the town is “pet friendly.”

The female fish asks her partner if he wants “walkies;” the male fish takes out a collar and leash, eagerly fastens the collar, and starts walking and panting like a dog.

The leash and collar are fairly standard BDSM imagery; although there are variations like puppy play, leash and collar play can be a wonderful, fun part of a submissive/dominant relationship.

Other Twitter users soon joined in with more kinky SpongeBob.

There’s the seven-mile spanking machine, contributed by Twitter user @maximxff_bae:

And user @martilane made some solid points:

Some people were horrified that their favorite childhood cartoon was secretly freaky.

But others were relieved to finally be seen.

As BDSM becomes more mainstream, maybe we’ll find more layers of kink in SpongeBob and our other favorite cartoons. After all, these aren’t the first SpongeBob memes we’ve seen—or even the first sexy SpongeBob memes




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