Diddy & Meek Mill Boss Up W/ Sneak Peek At Their Black Excellence Movement: “Let’s Win Together”


Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy and Meek Mill have something brewing. The duo have social media’s full attention this weekend after linking up for some epic moments.

Puff Daddy went to Instagram Saturday (February 2) with a pic and video of himself alongside Meek talking about black excellence.

A few nights ago, Meek Mill co-signed Diddy sharing a motivational clip about blacks investing in each other.

Hours prior, Diddy shared a clip encouraging his peers to look into economic inclusion in music, fashion and entertainment.

Last year, Puff exploded over the entertainment industry not investing enough in black enterprises.

“You have these record companies that are making so much money off our culture, our art form, but they’re not investing or even believing in us,” says Combs of hip-hop’s commercial dominance, especially through streaming. “For all the billions of dollars that these black executives have been able to make them, [there’s still hesitation] to put them in the top-level positions. They’ll go and they’ll recruit cats from overseas,” he continues. “It makes sense to give [executives of color] a chance and embrace the evolution, instead of it being that we can only make it to president, senior VP. … There’s no black CEO of a major record company. That’s just as bad as the fact that there are no [black] majority owners in the NFL. That’s what really motivates me.” (Variety)

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