Game Vows To Expose Entire Industry: “They Aren’t Who They Say They Are”


West Coast rapper Game isn’t going to bite his tongue much longer. The hip-hop veteran has hinted at an intent to spill more than tea in the very near future.

Last night, the Los Angeles native hit up Instagram to reveal plans to expose the industry.

This week, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty pulled through to check out his upcoming new album.

A few hours prior, Game shared a personal message to anyone hating on what he does in and outside of music.

Recent reports claimed Game had ample warning about reaching out to rap star Kanye West before making an x-rated reference about Ye’s wife Kim Kardashian on a new song.

We’re told before debuting the track, Game had both close friends and business partners urge him to 86 the Kim lyric — because of a possible/likely ferocious reaction from Ye — but he wouldn’t budge. Our Game sources say he was advised, at the very least, to reach out to Kanye before dropping the track, but Game didn’t feel a heads-up was necessary. We’re told that, at the end of the day, Game chose to rap his truth regardless of the consequences. (TMZ)

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