Trump’s Border Wall Demands, Fox News’s Gaffe & Kamala Harris’s Big Announcement | The Daily Show


Trump continues to lose ground in his shutdown negotiations, Fox News accidentally declares that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, and Kamala Harris announces her 2020 run.

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  1. Fox n 45 sure iqual in fake news..Trevor gives 45 a sense of humor in his idiot as a funny . Only 45 n fox news kill the people before their time.. any of these women will be a great time a woman becomes one..they are powerful and have the same right as men..we've come a long way..

  2. As much as I like Kamala and some of her ideas, I cannot in good faith even think she's electable.
    The right will destroy her for some of the way to the extreme left ideas.
    I we need someone electable, like Obama was when he ran, as he electrified his audiences wherever he showed up.
    I was to one of his rallies in July of 2007.
    We need someone like him who can bring people together, rather than a polarizing character. We need a uniter and not a divider.

  3. Kamala Harris!!!! 😄😄😄She's against releasing non violent criminals from prison for things like selling weed, even tho the state now profits from the drug.  She wants to jail parents for children skipping school. She is against mandatory body cams for police officers even tho the FBI reported white supremacists have infiltrated police departments across the U.S. She voted against medicare for all when Bernie Sanders fought for it.  She takes corporate pack money from donors which guarantee she will legislate in favor of corporations rather than the ppl.   Don't even get me started on her career as a DA. . .    NEED I SAY MORE!!!!??  If she is being backed by mainstream media CNN, MSNBC, and corporations.  Its a BIG RED FLAG.  She is a corporate tool

  4. Well I mean, if I was stuck in job limbo with no idea when I was going back to work I know I would certainly be watching more porn. I mean, as long as I'm sitting there tugging at my own d***, might as well be literal about it as well.

  5. Please ask her why she refused to support legalized marijuana until very recently. Or why she fought to uphold wrongful convictions, and withheld exculpatory evidence from defendants.


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