Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeat, Netflix’s Price Surge & Trump’s Fast-Food Feast | The Daily Show


British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan fails big in Parliament, Netflix raises its subscription price, and Donald Trump treats the Clemson Tigers to fast food.

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  1. Bernie Sander 2020!

    Justice Democrats 2020!

    Progressive Democrats 2020!

    Uninformed republican voters are so worry these immigrants will be using welfare BUT the same republican voters are totally fine with ExxonMobil, Carrier, Amazon, Foxconn, etc all these rich corporations with millions on profit getting subside with our tax money (corporate welfare).

    Corporate-corrupt Nancy Pelosi implemented "Pay-go rule" to stop universal healthcare.

  2. You know the companies paid for this … They took it off their taxes … Trump should have had a caterer provide the food … If he is so rich he could have found the money under the couch seat cushions

  3. I'm not a champion sports player, but if I was invited to that "dinner" then I would've walked out immediately. I hate fast food. It must have been extremely insulting to be served that at the the White House. I can only imagine the reason they didn't walk out was to not insult the "hosts" and the presidency.

  4. Trump Shutdown: This is Republican American Slavery! – Slave: A person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.
    Evangelicals support Slavery!

    Why worry about immigration when the traitors are already here as Republicans?

  5. Netflix is increasing the subscription price because they bought a mediocre, overrated, highly-obnoxious television show that many people no longer give a shit about? That's amusing.

  6. I hate to admit, among the very few things Trump and I agree on, greasy American junk food that gives you heart attack 3 seconds later is also my favorite. And I'm Chinese, who should be proud of the culinary diversity. But when I get to choose between junk food and anything else, junk food wins every time.

  7. Maybe it's just me but 15.99 dollar / month for a service that provides instant access to thousands of shows and movies seems more than reasonable.
    Depending on where you live, you can't even get a decent lunch for that price. Ever ate in New York? Sheesh.

  8. I see a lot of comments on topics relating to the McDonalds thing how “it’s not a big deal” or “the players are totally grateful”
    1)One of the players literally said, “I thought it was a joke”
    2)I don’t care about how the shutdown made people such as the chefs not show up to work, for a dude that brags how much money he has from his businesses, he sure went with the cheap route

    Yes as a college student having an array of junk is a dream of mine……when I’m in the comfort of my own place. These men were invited to the White House, a one time experience. In that same room foreign allies, celebrities, world leaders, and other politicians were served the best of the best. So with that in mind and considering it’s the White House, these boys travels all the way up there and got their best suit and ties only to be served fast food?

  9. Presidents pay for all their meals at the White House. Instead of junk food, why not hire a staff to prepare prime rib, bake potato and a tossed salad? One player walked in and thought the fast food was a joke.

  10. Don't laugh, the candles were the only source of heat for most of that shit. And you can BET it's been sitting for more then 2 hours from prep time, delivery, Trump's speech and then when the boys finally got to eat. Nothing like getting a bacterial infection from dinner at the White House.

    And fries, seriously? Common man, everyone knows that shit becomes inedible after 5 F***ing minutes after it leaves the fryer!

    and NOTHING to DRINK!? What the Hell! You couldn't provide bottled water from Walmart and shit?


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