The A-Mexican Express Card: Buy Whatever You Want, Mexico’s Paying For It | The Daily Show


With the A-Mexican Express Card, you can buy whatever you want. Mexico will pay for it.

Featuring Jaboukie Young-White, Desi Lydic and Roy Wood Jr.

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  1. Trump is taking advantage of Mexico and the Mexicans. He thinks the Mexicans love to work with no compensation, they are not idiots. Stay on your side Mr.Trump. This Mexican thinks you are "muy chocante."

  2. Daily show is for sjw's and I can't stay subbed… Didn't know dude was a fairy… So Roy is the ONLY black person they can get that is funny straight and physically fit… pitiful even if Desi's there…

  3. When you're desperate because you know Mueller doesn't have anything on Trump:
    1). Call anyone that disagrees with you a racist, riot, try and suppress free speech, color your hair blue, wear silly hats, pretend men are women and vice versa, demand that ICE is abolished, state that there are 327 genders which flies in the face of facts yet demand others accept that climate change is the world's most pressing issue.
    2). State that Clinton won the popular vote while knowing that we have NEVER elected a president by popular vote. And if Clinton had lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College she would have sung it's praises.
    3). Make silly videos like this to make yourselves feel better.
    4) Turn to a comedian that couldn't make it in his home country of South Africa so he comes here for opportunity and then shits on America every chance he gets.
    5). Call more people racist.
    6). And finally when none of that works say that there is no immigration crisis when there are tons of video clips of the caravans to prove otherwise.


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