Cardi B & Nancy P Take On Trump While Unpaid Workers Crowdfund | The Daily Show


Trump fires back at Nancy Pelosi for her proposal to postpone his State of the Union address, rapper Cardi B sounds off on the plight of unpaid federal workers, and Michael Kosta drops by to unpack the growing trend of compensating for withheld government wages using crowdfunding sites.

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  1. Okay, I see a lot of bullshit from people who are forgetting, omitting, and missing several facts.

    First, GOP has held all three branches of government for 2 full years and DID NOT pass a budget bill that included funding for the wall nor during these 2-yrs did the President bitch and moan nor did anyone think it was a ever regarded as national crisis-emergency.

    Second, the last two years both parties in a bipartisan way DID include billions of dollars for what are called smart border security measures which is what experts agreed were needed. Why? Because GOP and Dems knew what was being asked for and recommended and because the GOP, by enlarge, knows a barrier or wall is pretty ineffective and cost prohibitive.

    Third, GOP and Dems worked to put forward the recent bill — a bipartisan supported bill that included a decent chunk for smart border security and maintenance, but not the wall, and Trump had agreed to sign the bill. Then what happened is Coulter and Limbaugh prayed on the fears and narcissism of Trump who folded under their pressure and threw a fear-based temper tantrum and shutdown the government.

    Fourth, I do not believe that either Coulter, Hanity, Limbaugh, etc., we’re elected to any branch of government and yet frightened this weak man into caving into their demands. Moreover, other than being talking heads skilled in dividing people, neither Coulter nor Limbaugh hold any expertise in border security merely opinions.

    Fifth, Trump’s Wall funding and spending is NOT supported by well over half the nation and did not have the votes in either the Congress or Senate to pass during the two years of pure Republican Rule or Now. It is the reason Mitch will not put the bill on the floor – GOP & Dems would pass it, Trump might veto it, and then both Houses would overrule his veto and it would pass.

    Sixth, Patriotic Americans who understand the Constitution and the Madisonian Principles that serve as the foundation of our Democratic Republic know that we ARE NOT an autocracy (one man rule) but decisions are made by general agreement between all three coequal branches of government and when you do not have the votes you do not get your way.

    Seventh, GOP had not the votes when they controlled all branches of government nor now and the majority of the citizens consider the wall too expensive, do not consider it necessary, or view it as a very low priority at best.

    Eighth, National Emergency does not exist. Given the definition of Emergency is “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action” and Trump has said he sees no need to do it now but might to get his way… the situation by definition is NOT an EMERGENCY despite what the Fox/less well informed believe.

    Ninth, when you do not have the votes nor do the majority of the people support your desire, a President in a real democracy accepts this and moves on….

    Tenth Presidents who ignore the will of legislature and their people and impose their own will are autocrats ruling over Banana Republics such as Russia, Venezuela, and so on… where sham elections occur and leader use the military to impose their will…

    True patriots would better know these facts and would not support autocratic rule, military use to impose their will over the people and/or legislative branches in this situation which is not emergency (and which works against the military readiness as the Army Core of Engineers has a backlog without this bullshit project)… even if that patriot were in the minority who wanted a wall or falsely believed the wall was more essential than other smart measures that true experts agree are more necessary and effective… because they accepted they lived in a Democratic Republic and not an Autocratic Banana Republic.

    Just to be clear…

  2. Twisted white people who voted for him will look back at this and cringe 🤣 how can you be so racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, and fascist that you would vote for a wall and twisted policies and a administration only benefiting one race and only social class that you vote for this??? I would rather deal with minorities and gays and women and the poor be some where near being prioritized and still get paid than not get paid and see minorities and gays and women and the poor fight to be prioritized…..just sayin……y'all voted for this twisted ass idiot because he looked like y'all and thought like y'all did and no psychological or twisted biased based facts can prove otherwise this is y'all dumbass candidate I didn't vote for his dumbass and this is why

  3. I like how Trump shutdown her program in retaliation TBH!
    Where the heck is she running to on government expense while close to million haven't gotten paid?
    Both of them must come to a compromise for the sake of the people because while Trump have been giving fake stats about the need for a wall, there's no denying the fact that a sort of barrier is needed!
    Republican and Democrats, reach a compromise for the sake of the people to prevent break down of law and order!

  4. Melania the mail order bride just took Air Force One to Florida….WHY??!! Funny how he thinks he canceled Nancy Pelosi's trip (to get briefed on what's going on in Afghanistan instead of relying on what Drumpf says is going on) which she had postponed herself…This guy and his staff can't be bothered to find out what was going on with her trip, that's pretty damn sad.

  5. It's about time the government realized that many many people in this country are one paycheck away from destitution. This country really needs to seriously think about investing its resources in America and for Americans. This country can no longer afford the billions and billions of dollars in charity it gives to other nations with literally nothing in return. It needs to cut off immigration and use the resources to make America great again.

  6. I want to run for president in 2037
    My plan is to reduce current tax brackets by 70-75% and add tax brackets for the richest members of society, crush Nazism and Klansmanship on the grounds saying that the country was made by for one race is in practice an infringement of other's rights to free speech, assembly, pursuit if happiness, and expression, speak publicly against religious zealotry used to justify war, get solar panels on every home (solar storage should help with that) including the White House, review the Constitution to give all citizens a federally mandated right to vote, review and revise copyright law to support small-time capitalism, clean up the water, see if speed limits can be lowered, give family farmers a voice to fight against their corporate systems, enforce corporate taxes, make lobbying illegal and give everybody in America a new federally mandated basic wage to be added to their current wages.
    I would also like to make government shutdowns an automatic "impeach-and-remove" offense, and to promote all impeachable offenses to "automatic removal" offenses.
    PS: Yes, Nazis and the Klan are still very much a thing, you can find them by seeing "Charlottesville Riot" and 2015 Tennessee Nazis" respectively. I, too, was infuriated. (Oldest)
    (Second oldest)
    I will change my plan based on constructive criticisms, and decided to keep this old draft to gauge
    a wider audience's response to it.
    How does this approach sound (withstanding is the tax plan so far)
    Encourage all people to seek out and connect with people within Nazi, Communist, and Evangelical regimes and ask the members to bear their souls to them so that both groups involved can seek closure about the movements and make connections between emotional vulnerabilities such as those created by abuse and social abandonment and the desire to be of a movement where everybody wants everyone to be the same, and have the "mass help" (bad name, I know, I'm not focusing on that yet) movement secretly reach out and contact racial progress and religious organizations and bring the modern fascists to them.
    Everyone please critique now, because 19 years from now, YouTube might very well just not be YouTube anymore (I plan on fixing Copyright law to allow individual capitalism and not just corporate capitalism, too).

  7. So no jet for Pelosi's war zone trip because of shutdown but useless Melania leisure trip is OK.

    Which is, of course, Pelosi's official business. His actions seem to violate current national security protocol adopted under the last destructive Republican regime.

    In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorists attacks in 2001, President George W. Bush ordered that the Speaker of the House (next in line of succession to the presidency after the vice-president) be afforded secure government transportation on military aircraft when traveling on official business.
    The Speaker at the time, convicted child rapist Dennis Hastert, often used a C-20B to travel back and forth between Washington to his home state of Illinois.

  8. I agree with trump because she expects American tax payers to fit her bill. I say if any congressmen, speaker, or what ever goes on a trip, either to help us or to go and try and get re-elected, they don't need a private jet, a $10,000 a night hotel room, and expensive food, it should come out there own pocket. I'll help pay for a business class set, a motel 6, and a meal from any fast food place, but they should not spend 10's to100's of thousands of dollars of our money on there way of life they don't deserve. That fucking simple


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