A hilarious technical glitch put cartoon subtitles over a Swedish political debate.


Imgur user The Blonde Swede must have lost his mind when he saw the leader of Sweden’s Liberal party make a surprising declaration in the Rikstag, the country’s national legislature: “Greetings, earth creature.”

Is Åsa Romson some sort of extra-terrestrial being that has manifested as a Swedish politician?

via TheBlondeSwede / Imgur

Things only got stranger when Jonas Sjöstedt, Chairman of the Left party, proclaimed, “Ants! Ants?”

The Blonde Swede must have thought he had accidentally taken something he shouldn’t have.

But the insanity didn’t stop there. The Rikstag then burst into a full-blown debate over the shapes of dinosaurs, underwater trains, and dolls. Which seems a lot more entertaining than Americans debating over whether to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

After the photos appeared on Imgur, one user put två and två together and realized the subtitles for the parliamentary debate had accidentally been switched with a children’s show called, “Dinosaur Train.”

SVT2, the Swedish equivalent of CSPAN, refused to take responsibility for the debacle.

“On some older TVs can still choose the old teletext page for the different channels’ subtitles, while checking on a different channel,” SVT’s closed captioning manager, Anna Zetterson, said on its Facebook page. “So SVT, or any operator, didn’t send these out. But it is something you can amuse yourself with on an older television set.”

So, it appears as though The Blonde Swede may need a new television set. Although the one he currently has is so awesome it can do the unimaginable — make watching  Swedish CSPAN must-see TV

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