Trevor & Tressie McMillan Cottom Talk R. Kelly – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show


Trevor and Tressie McMillan Cottom discuss R. Kelly, the cult of celebrity, and what it means for black girls. #BetweenTheScenes

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  1. Nearly everyone in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be booted out for the statutory rape of minors. Kelly goes a bit further, but so did nearly every rock group from the 60s and 70s.

    Maybe we should toss them.

  2. R.Kelly is innocent until proven guilty, hands off Kelly until he's proven guilty…. all accusations but none has seen a court date or any evidence of these accusations… why is his story being dragged so long what about the Weinstein fiasco, why isn't it being dragged, say what you want about R.Kelly but He's still one of the best musicians of this time, prove him guilty or just keep quiet

  3. "If she weren't black it wouldn't have gone on so long.." is that accurate?
    What about the Olympic gymnastics nastiness?!? How many girls did that involve, was it hundreds or merely dozens? And how long did that go on? With how many enablers allowing it?

    gymnastics is not predominantly black girls if watching it on Sunday afternoons tells me anything.

    I think all girls are vulnerable.

    I think it's gone on so long because black people tend to school their own and get things lined back up.

    Maybe it's super positive that the response is so enduring and not from a negative space at all.

  4. The Government will not re-open until The Swamp, wasteful agencies, environmental wacko groups, and the Obama's leftist non-essential holdovers are drained. The EPA is working just fine with 800 employees instead of 1400. Trump is a genius he let us know there's too much fat in our government that needs to be trimmed, this shutdown has proven that. No wonder lowlife Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to postpone the State of the Union Address. She doesn't want Trump to expose the ineptness of the Democrat Party to the American people. God bless President Trump and the United States of America.

  5. WHY IS EVERYTHING BLACK AND/OR WHITE?!?!? Every single issue!!! It is seriously starting to get annoying. NO women is going to care what color the other women was if she is a victim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse! Jesus Christ why do they keep putting us up against each other.

  6. I have to argue the statement she made about celebrities getting away with dating people younger than them. That shit was normal thing to see growing up for me. Not saying it’s right but it was normalized. And you’d probably see in different places all through the south. Parents saw nothing wrong with it and the kids wanted to be grown to soon. Holding celebrities accountable is important but there are certain things in our community that need to talked about and dealt with.

  7. Couldn't have said it better myself.. Reading the comments on this from the black community is just awful! It's always their fault or they just wait money.. It's so sad to see this!

  8. I agree with what she said and I would add that unfortunately some it seems have been conditioned to have a lack of compassion, negative bias and dismissive attitude toward black girls and black women.

  9. Ive never heared anybody ever claim that a black girl is responsible for someone elses sexual desire for her. Never in my life.
    The only thing I ever heared was that preferring white women over black women, strictly aesthetically speaking, is somehow racist.

  10. The value is simply not there for Black girls. We have hundreds of buried horror stories over the past two decades, of things that young Black girls experienced. No TV movies. No FBI searches. And no air time.

    I heard of Cyntoia Brown about 8 years ago. I signed petitions back then. Her story had no value. But the life of her deceased abuser did. That says a lot out young Black girls. The value ain’t there. The numbers support this. More time for similar to lesser crimes. Quicker and longer suspensions from school and many other atrocities. Cyntoia is the poster child for this. The simple fact that a man can molest an 11yo, then force her into prostitution at 13yo until she was 16yo…..and no one noticed or cared, that says a lot. Then to hold her to a higher standard as a CHILD than the man she killed who abused and exploited her, how can we say that young Black girls have any value?

    This does not negate the value of other young ladies. Native American girls (particularly along the Canadian border), have decades of horror stories and no one cared then and still don’t care now.

  11. She spoke the truth, prayers go out to the Sudanese 🙏 , yessss Trevor is very handsome, funny, and smart all the qualities my daughter who is funny, gorgeous , and educated.😉

  12. Naw… I just think RKelly is a pedophile. I don't think black girls are any more sexualized than any other color people. I guess RKelly just prefers black girls over over whites, Asians, or any other type. He got away with it for so long because he had money and payed off the families…


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