The Timberwolves Bench Was Hilariously Disappointed After A Boring Andrew Wiggins Breakaway Dunk


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The Minnesota Timberwolves took down the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night. Decked out in their sensational, Prince-themed City Jerseys, Minnesota came out on top, 112-96. It was a big night for everyone involved, because beyond everyone (including Kevin Garnett and the team’s Twitter account) leaning into the Prince theme, this was the third win in a row for the Timberwolves since the team finally traded Jimmy Butler.

Things are going pretty well in Minnesota right now, as the team looks a bit more loose than it had at the start of the season. Well, at the very least, that’s the case in most matters, but when it comes to Andrew Wiggins, his teammates seem a bit disappointed.

No, they’re not unhappy with his play — Wiggins has averaged 19.7 points, 5.7 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and two steals per game since Butler was moved. Rather, they’re not too stoked with Wiggins’ decision on a fast break in the third quarter of Friday’s win, as he had the chance to do something spectacular but chose to leisurely throw down. Fortunately we saw the Wolves’ bench after this happened, and man, did they want him to bring the thunder.

Watching the bench react to a dunk is usually great, because a player’s teammates will lose their minds when they do something cool. What I did not expect is that it is so much better when a bench feels like someone could have done something way more exciting.

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