I Made Homemade Gummy Bears Because I Lost Control Of My Life


Tips for making gummy bears

∙ Place the gummy bear molds on a baking sheet before you fill them.

∙ It’s OK to have a few undissolved gelatin clumps in your liquid mixture. You can avoid them if you use the dropper that comes with some molds.

∙ When removing the bears from the mold, push them out feet first. The feet tend to get stuck if you push them out last.

∙ The flavor of your gummy bears will fade as they solidify. Try to make the flavor stronger than you think you’ll need. If you’re making a fruit flavor, adding lemon juice can help boost the flavor.

∙ When your bears are completed, you can give them a chewier texture by letting them sit out exposed to air for about eight hours. Standing them upright as they dry will make them even chewier.

∙ Adding sugar helps the bears set better. (Sorry if you were trying to be healthy.)

∙ I recommend storing in an air-tight container in the fridge.

∙ If you want to create your own new gummy bear flavor, you need about 1/2 cup of liquid (of whatever you want*) and three gelatin packets (3/4 ounce gelatin), which will fill two 50-bear molds. (Use the gelatin as its directions suggest and refrigerate for several hours or until it sets.)

*There are some things that probably won’t work, but there’s a lot of room to experiment.

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