Swizz Beatz – Returning to the Music Scene with “Poison” | The Daily Show


Producer Swizz Beatz explains why he went back to school to get his MBA, why it’s important for him to have ownership over his work, and how he’s giving artists their due.

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  1. If you don't have time or scholarship for school, Get An Internship and learn 1st hand. But if you do enroll, make sure to only take the classes you need. When you are in his profession, the degree means nothing. Do Not pay for more classes than you need. Do not take classes that don't offer practical, real-life assignments.

  2. ugh… people like Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Leonardo Dicaprio and Miranda Kerr make me sick… Please return the stolen money that was used to buy people like you gifts…..


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