Rebecca Traister – How “Good and Mad” Women Continually Reshape America | The Daily Show


Rebecca Traister explains how women’s anger has historically been a catalyst for social change and how people can better listen and respond to women’s anger.

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  1. Hillary Clinton was a phony who didn't speak to people's issues. It is not just the anger it is the reason behind. Like jill Stein she speak angrily and I still loved listening to her. Because she spoke truth to power.

  2. Wow wow and wow bravo😁 I will buy that book and a few to share with friends. Excellent I love Trevor cause things are articulated in a manner that does not incite violence but action😍

  3. The betrayal of white women voters: in pivotal state races, they still backed the GOP
    The myth of women voters as a cohesive progressive voting bloc.

    White women have a history of voting for conservative candidates in aggregate

    Among women voters, white women voters continue to be the weakest link. They are also among the most visible in public discussions about the need for change. While white men remain the strongest opposition to electoral politics skewing left, white women heading to the polls continue to choose to uphold white supremacy and patriarchy. In the 2004, 2008, and 2012 presidential elections, the majority of white women voted for the GOP candidate. The numbers don’t lie.

    The historical record bears a brutal truth: White women have always been active participants in sustaining white supremacy in America. Elizabeth Gillespie McRae’s groundbreaking book, Mother of Massive Resistance: White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy, offers a robust history of how white women reinforce white supremacy. White women educators censored textbooks and downplayed the role of slavery in the Civil War as a way to infuse the public education curriculum with white supremacist politics. White women were also an integral part of the Ku Klux Klan. White mothers virulently and violently protested the integration of schools. This abundance of evidence contextualizes what happened in this most recent election — it’s tradition.

    Calling out white women’s continued support of conservative politicians isn’t excusing or ignoring white men’s commitment to electing these candidates. It’s an assertion of a profound and perpetual sense of betrayal. Far too many white women are willing to throw women of color under the bus — and, indeed, vote against their own best interests — in favor of white supremacy and, often, misogyny.


  4. Now that I’m woke about white patriarchy, the fact that Asians make the most money on average of any race in the US makes total sense; crafty white patriarchy trying to throw us all off the trail, but we’re on to you straight white males, you can’t fool us

  5. This is so gross. Why is everything about identity instead of value based politics? Are women their own culture? These people can’t help but see EVERYTHING from a power structure perspective and strive to accumulate it. Sad.

  6. So my understanding from this is… (white supremacy/ white Patriarchy (White Male leadership) supported by angry white women vs Black female leadership) = possibilities for change in the country. 🤔 so basically there’s still no chance of a Black “Patriarchy”, because before that happens, if there was a reality where white supremacy ended, there’ll be a Black Matriarchy first, since it seems like there’s a true lack of Black Male representation.. Just a sprinkle…

    on another note, funny how “family advertisements” today show a lot of white husbands and black wives with their mixed kids; black females supporting “swirling”… (Black woman wrote that book) because of the lack of better options in black males.. just wondering if white women see that happening and think(angrily) to themselves, sometime in the not too distant future, there’ll be Black Women leading with their white husbands… I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♂️ overthinking this could drive you crazy… lol But black Men still null and void…?

    The video just has me thinking 🤔

  7. Women used to be treated as equals. Now that they realize that they can use their anger to obtain resources. You know an empire is about to end when women are given power. They aren't biologically designed to be leaders over men

  8. The problem with Hillary yelling is that she's not honest. Honest anger comes across differently than pretend anger. Hillary only has pretend emotions. If she stands by her threat to run again, I'll think seriously about voting for Doctor Chump. I say "Doctor Chump" because he likes to doctor videos. But, really, I'll just vote Green again. NO HILLARY!


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