A Dead Brothel Owner Makes History in Nevada | The Daily Show


After Nevada pimp Dennis Hof wins a seat in the state assembly despite being dead, Trevor imagines adapting his story for TV.

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  1. I've said it before: conservatives just want the win. it doesnt matter who it is they vote for as long as they win. it's that right wing mindset of winning=being right. seriously, they bitch about election fraud then vote for a dead guy!?!?

  2. Ugh…Republicans are really happy staying uninformed it seems.
     Even when they are informed they would rather not be, so they ignore it!
    A pimp… Who is dead…And they still voted for him??? LMAO

  3. Sorry, but Nevada brothel owners at least here in northern Nevada, are not really pimps as portrayed here. They are more like madams or business men–not nearly as interesting as a real "pimp." When I worked for the State Assembly Committee on Taxation, I saw them to come in to lobby for their businesses and I transcribed their testimony. Dullsville.

  4. why were his votes even counted? why didn't they just declare the democrat the victor? why are republcans such pussies? also, this guy was (no suprise) a rapist. republicans, why do you have so many rapists?

  5. Can someone explain to me please, how it is possible (by law?) to keep a dead person on the voting ballot?! I mean, where I come from he wouldn't be voteable anymore once he dies. Not to speak that the election would have to be repeated in that special electoral district.


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