Trump Tweets a Meme at Iran & India Erects a Record-Breaking Statue | The Daily Show


Troops arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border to fend off asylum seekers, Trump announces new sanctions using a “Game of Thrones” meme, and India unveils the world’s tallest statue.

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  1. As an Indian, I'm disappointed. I was expecting a lot more criticism from him. This statue is symptomatic of everything that is wrong with this government, and he could have had a field day with it. But, oh well. Atleast he mocked it. That's a start.

  2. To all those saying 'ooh India needs to invest in infrastructure and sanitation'- The Government is already doing that at a tremendous rate. A little google search for the 'Clean India Mission(SBM mission) and the Affordable housing for all- PMAY scheme would not kill you.
    Open defecation has been reduced from 40% to 9 % in the past 3 years. Houses for the poor are being constructed almost free of cost.
    I come from a small state in India but even our yearly GDP is 40000 crore rs. So spending 3000 crores for developing a tourist destination is frankly just chump change.
    Stop the mindless hate. Peace out.

  3. Some stupid people criticizing Indian govt. move to built 404 Mn statue…
    Idiots don't realise it generated 2700 high skill labour jobs and around 300 Engineering Jobs during the construction…
    And about 10,000 indirect jobs will be generated because of this statue..
    It's one way of injecting the money back into the system..
    This is simple economic, which i don't think fellow heater have ever heard about it…
    When you hate a person, anything good done by him will look bad to those…
    It's just their sick mentality and paranoia and nothing else..
    Btw he is coming back in 2019..

  4. Lol What an astonishing way to show the economic growth, these people don't even have a basic common sense of understanding the priorities, we have hell number of families without toilets in north India , and it directly denotes whether a nation is developed or not ,then we have farmers who runs on debt ..list goes on.. if some one is considering building statues as priority above all then they have retarded thinking , now you may ask America have statue of liberty, well they are developed and we are still begging other countries for financial aid .

  5. Fed the factory workers, engineers, architects, labors, will feed the restaurants,guides,hotels where people reside.
    For a nation vulnerable from thousands of self interest groups, It will feed the deprived Indian souls to be an Agent of unity.
    Sometimes it's ok to get out of the welfare mentality.

  6. Yeah lets not talk about the amount of tourism the statue attracts and the fact that it's also a source of employment for quite a few people.

    128000 people have visited the statue in the eleven days since it has been unveiled.

    FYU, there are already plenty of Gandhi statues…enough that we dont need a lecture for what we build or not from a south African belonging to the same race that Gandhi used to derisively refer to as Kaffirs ironically enough.

    You need to go back and improve South Africa rather than try to speak for India or dare I say America you cheap publicity whoring self hating black man.

    Heres another tidbit. Much like the iconic lady liberty, this statue was entirely crowd funded. So what's your gripe you little shit?

  7. India wants to show the world it's height. Dont tell us what we have to do. USA is under a dept of billions of dollars. Americans are nothing infrint of Indian Guys. By the way if you have created a 403 million dollar statue it was all right. Usa just want to be on top nothing else. But time flies guys. Indian will beat all nations soon. And you gonna see that bloody news anchor.

  8. Mother fucker we don't need to be told or judged by u asshole. Don't speak unless u know abut our history and yes I guess rather than suggesting us to choose Gandhi u better fucking choose someone else than Donald Trump for real so that u don't mock ur own President from very first day of his office .

  9. Wish Sardar Patel ji send some wisdom down to the politicians for wasting so much money rather than investing it on healthcare, education, and enviroment. And may he bless the poorest of India. He was a great hero. Bless his soul.

  10. Trevor, we have too many statues of Gandhi & Nehru in India. Sardar Patel has been systematically ignored by his own party which is the Indian National Congress but today if India exists, it is because of mammoth effort of Sardar Patel. We were more than 560+ kingdoms when we gained independence. Sardar Patel was not only a freedom fighter who stood shoulder to shoulder with Gandhi and Nehru in fighting British, went to jail but was also the man who convinced every single king & give up their kingdom to merge with India. He relentlessly traveled to make a united India. India owes him a great deal for its existence today as a country. He has been pretty much ignored by his own party since his views deferred from Nehru who was at helm of Congress.

  11. I have respect for Gandhi and he is also famous for fighting against racism back then. But when it comes to India's independence struggle, Mr. Patel has a huge contribution equivalent to Mr. Gandhi. So, Noah, I want you to know about Mr.Patel and his contributions.


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