Jeff Sessions, You’re Fired. Guy from CNN, You’re Hired. | The Daily Show


Trump replaces Jeff Sessions with Matt Whitaker, a guy he saw on CNN being openly critical of the Mueller investigation. Plus, Dulcé Sloan drops by to explain the right way to depart the Trump White House.

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  1. I worked law enforcement for 23 years. When the brass tells you to not take a complaint to the prosecutor, you do what you're told or you're fired. When Whitaker tells Mueller to not forward his report to the Senate he will do what he's told or he will be fired.  Whitaker will ride out all the calls for him to recuse himself just long enough to fix things to suit his mentor.

  2. Trump is going down. I don't understand how people are okay with a liar, a cheater and a thief as an employee. I worked with a guy like him at a restaurant. At 5 foot 5 and 230 pounds he said he played football for both the Seahawks and Manchester United. He would say things like, "My grandfather invented toast." He was a sociopath so bad. He would compliment your looks when it was just blowing smoke up your ass. Just like Trump, he was embarrassing and really bad for business. He said he was a sommelier (wine expert) when it was just a tasting he attended…

  3. The whole commentary was delightful and insightful. The suggestion, of making a scene, was actually quite close to the mark.
    During the heady days of the French Revolution, nobility would go stoically to the guillotine, to cheering throngs, week after week. But on 8 Dec 1793, Mme du Barry screamed from her cell, the whole cart ride, the ascent to the scaffold, even to the moment the blade despatched her. Her cries were claimed audible for blocks. She was one of the final executions because the crowds and the executioner were so unnerved.
    For such a coward as Trump, a bit of embarrassing defiance and protest might stifle his petulance. Of course, it is possible the cordial departures are camouflage. A backstab is easy when you're hugging.


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