Jamil Smith – How Trumpism Prevails Even as Trump Is Refuted | The Daily Show


Jamil Smith breaks down what a Democrat-controlled House may mean and explains how people’s discomfort with black leaders shaped the midterm results.

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  1. The United States government is so corrupt, dishonest, criminal and full
    of racist assholes that any other country should withdraw its contacts
    and blockade them!
    This government can no longer be trusted!
    Most americans are just too stupid and brainless to understand the reality!

  2. You guys will never learn..People hate you- the celebs, mainstream media, liberals, progressives..they will vote who ever YOU say is bad. They dont have to like Trump..they just vote for him because you hate him.

    Stop hating, stop reporting on him everyday and he will not matter and wont get re-elected.

  3. When Bernie basically gave the the same analysis, about people's "discomfort with actually voting for the black guy," he was immediately accused of apologizing racism and got a twitter shitstorm.

  4. Black ppl have to be three times as good as white ppl at anything to be considered half as good. Fortunately, that's not difficult. It's our responsibility to make sure people of color have the opportunity to show their abilities. Our problems are exceedingly complex and ee need the best and brightest attacking those problems.

    Maybe racists really feel immense guilt over the way they've treated ppl of color and feel like they deserve punishment for it. Perhaps they fear the paybacks they know they deserve?

  5. This is moronic. I didn’t vote based on race. I did it on merit. If i was concerned about diversity in the house, i’d feel like i was voting for a bunch of unqualified politicians. There are now very young politicians in the house with little expertise and more anti-trump messages. Now that the house is controlled by democrats they are going to go completely against anything the president puts out. The house isn’t supposed to investigate every breath the president takes it’s supposed to represent the states. You can’t stand up to racism by just voting in the first black guy on the ballot. You have to vote for the most qualified individual on the ballot. Diversity is stupid because it negates quality and replaces it with skin color.

  6. Racism is still burning strong in the USA. However, I don't think the majority of whites fear black leadership. There just aren't as many POC running as there are white candidates. If you've got ten white candidates, each with a varied platform, but just one black candidate, it's statistically unlikely that one black candidate will be the one with the most appeal. Until you have as many non-whites as whites running, it'll be hard to get POC elected. I myself don't think you should ever vote for someone based on their race, gender, religion… vote on their platform, record and experience. I'd like more black people, especially women, in office, but I'll vote for the white man if he's most qualified.

  7. Women, other races, Muslims, gays and transsexuals were elected, but somehow we're still sexist, racist, islamaphobes, homophobes and transphobes….yet we elect people with such differences? Hmmm….

  8. People don't seem to bring up that the majority of voters are older in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and up. The majority of these older voters identify as Conservatives and vote Republican because they want to conserve their traditional values that they grew up on 50 or so years ago. The country and its values have changed drastically over the last 50 years and the younger generations have changed along with it and have become more Democratic as a whole. As the Baby Boomers or older continue dropping like flies in the next few years, we will see a massive shift to the left.

  9. I get so tired of hearing people say "the polls were meaningless in 2016." No, they weren't – they really weren't. Numerous reputable pollsters, conservative, independent, and liberal warned people that Clinton and Trump were actually neck-and-neck months before the election even took place, and before she even won the primary. This wasn't a "surprise," and it's disappointing to see reputable shows continuing to repeat that line of thought.

  10. Only 50k vote difference and the black guy still feels they are being oppressed in election. After hearing the crowd reaction it seems to be a race factor and not the candidates policy.

  11. That’s what I’ve been saying it’s isn’t Trump who people like it’s what he stands for. Now everyone who feels the same in politics are proud to come out and say yes I believe the same and I want to be governor.

  12. I think in a situation where there is cheating, by the Russians screwing America psychologically with “real” fake news, by Republicans suppressing the vote, by gerrymandering, etc., the polls are more important than ever. But not as predictors of who will win. Rather, Democrats should use them to figure out how much suppression and negative influence the cheaters are having on our Democracy. I think the polls relatively accurately represent real voter intent. But the polls can’t effectively account for cheating, until now.

    So, we should always compare past polls to actual turn out for Democrats va Republicans, and figure that that marginal difference in the past will show up again. For instance, if the Democrat ran 3% lower than polled last cycle, then adjust current polls by 3% for planning purposes, and even for predictive purposes. That’s why the Republicans are always more confident of their numbers being successful than the polls show. They know what they can do to suppress the vote, and bake that in to their own analysis.

    Going without polls would be stupid. And not reporting them would be even more so. But, why not report that while Abrams was up 2%, historical polls have been 3% lower for Democrats due to the Republican vote suppression efforts. As such, unless the vote suppression is dealt with, polls showing Abrams as ahead by 2% means she will likely lose by 1%. Then challenge Americans to fix the problem.

    At the same time, use it to motivate people to get out and vote, because the GOP is consistently stealing elections across America


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