John Kasich – Seeking Non-Partisan Solutions to America’s Problems | The Daily Show


Outgoing Ohio Governor John Kasich lays out his theory of inclusive governance, describes the right kind of populism and talks about how to build consensus.

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  1. I did not know about John Kasich. I would have voted for him. I left the President choice blank. I refused to vote for Hillary or Trump. I say that post Trump. Even Bush looks good now. My expectations have fallen so far. Glad to notice. Better get to propping them up before next election.

  2. How naive you need to be to believe conservatives lamented the death of Freddie Mercury as much as progressives. A non-Christian homosexual son of immigrants who worked as an artist wouldn't sit well with the square-minded.

  3. I really like the daily show and I think Trevor does a wonderful job hosting it, but sometimes I wish he wouldn’t pick sides as much as he does, of course he has the right to have his own opinion, and it’s his show so he can definitely say what he wants to, but I wish he could just look at it from both sides; republican and democrat. I am a democrat btw, but I feel like republicans shouldn’t all be thrown into the ‘I am a white person who’s terrified of the future’ bin.

  4. Liar Kasich was an active Lehman bros employee with a top level managing director position in 2008. Kasich "managed" a Lehman mega-bank that went under from illegal actions and lost billions of consumer and taxpayer money. He even flat out lied on TV about being a Lehman Bros employee at the debates when called out on it by Trump. He walked away from that historical banking scandal with no jail time and with a 400K bonus. Then positioned his path into the Ohio governor position by becoming the minion of companies that wanted to implement fracking in Ohio. Their money got him elected and then he made that happen for them despite the terrible damage to the land and citizens of Ohio. Liar kasich started his Ohio rape while working at lehman bros, he talked the pension fund directors into investing 450M into lehman, they lost it all of course. Like a tornado, this liar destroys wherever he goes and makes train loads of cash doing it. He has built a slimy career out of screwing the little people out of money on behalf of his billion dollar masters. Just imagine what irreversible damage he would do to the economy and environment of the US if ever allowed into the white house. This liar should be put in jail, not another government position! It's embarrassing he touts himself as a american let alone a republican.

  5. Kasich and other politicians say our votes count but in Florida, Georgia , and other states with GOP members trying to throw out American votes. What is Kasich doing to help with this ugly suppression? I hope he is doing something.

  6. I remember during the election, my dad (a Republican) supported Rubio in the primaries. Now this was back when Rubio actually appeared to have a spinal cord, so while I of course was full Democrat, I respected that. But then when Rubio was out he supported Kasich (he ended up voting Clinton in the general since he couldn't support POS Trump). And I fully supported that he was a Kasich guy. If he couldn't be a Dem, I was glad he supported a moderate. I always said (and I think a lot of Dems can agree) that if any of the 2016 Republicans had to win the presidency, Kasich would have been the best bet for America.

    I definitely get a bit of a sense of fake from Kasich (ie fake woke), but he has done a lot of good and his rhetoric has always been respectful and he is consistent in his views. Plus it is clear how to the center he is moving. Just look at his recent choices regarding gun control (red flag laws, background checks, etc.) I think we will definitely be seeing more from him.

  7. Compared to where we are with Trump, this John K seems like a breath of fresh air. Rest assured, his ideas are far right wanting to dilute science education and women’s reproductive rights. I was stuck voting republican in the 2016 primaries and he was just as frightening as Rick Perry. He is more closely aligned with Sarah Palin and tea party than any bipartisan ideas. And don’t be fooled by “I’m an American” BS. He described himself as first Christian, then Republican, then American.

  8. That was so great….Excellent to be exact…..that I had to listen to it twice.
    Then I realized we passed him up for president in 2016
    Now I remember what we did elect as a country
    And I threw up in my mouth…..

    Greetings from Ohio Mr. Kasich.
    We thank you for all the great, hard work.
    You will be missed!!!
    (P.S. I didn't vote or like you your first election lol. But I'm glad you proved me wrong)

  9. Any blowhard who makes a point of being on every possible liberal channel that trashes our duly elected President of the United States of America does not earn the right to be listened to. Kasich is a self-righteous pig and will be judged accordingly on his traitorship against the United States and having the audacity to call himself a 'great American'. This is a lie. How dare he use God on his side. Kasich is a has-been. Congress has done absolutely nothing since George W Bush and even what he did, wasn't that great. Congress did absolutely nothing for over 25 years and Kasich seems to only pat himself on his own back. He preaches "Let's just all get along" and he does absolutely the opposite. He is an embarrassment to the Republican party and will absolutely NEVER make it anywhere near the presidency of 2020! HE IS IRRESPONSIBLE. I wonder what he thinks about Ocasio.

  10. Kasich could easily be president if our system was geared towards winning the MIDDLE 51% of voters, not towards appealing to various extremes. If you forced 100 random Americans into a room and made them compromise on a president from among all the recent candidates, it would have been Kasich.

    I was BIGLY disappointed that Trump chickened out of a debate with just Kasich and Cruz. I would have loved to see Kasich have the time to call out the BS.

  11. Dear Govrnor,
    I'm a Democrat, if you ran for president I pledge my vote to you. I've been following you and like just about all of your policy's. You are the Republican of my father. You truley are a good person. PLEASE RUN. we need you very bad to make us American again.I would get in my electric wheelchair and help you get the votes needed. Please consider running..
    Thank you

    Sincerely DouglasP


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