Cory Booker – Bending the Arc of the Moral Universe Toward Justice in America | The Daily Show


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker talks about how the 2016 election got people off the sidelines, how tribalism gets in the way of a common purpose and what we should be aspiring for as Americans.

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  1. Ha ha Booker been reading Vivekananda!! Vivekananda's difference between tolerance and acceptance. PS which is also used by diplomat now turned politician Dr Tharur.

  2. This interview literally brought me to tears. I honestly don't think I ever watch Cory Booker speak without being brought to tears. He is so damn ELOQUENT. It is honestly wild that we went from:
    George- Is our children learning?- Bush to the articulate black POTUS Barack Obama to Donald- Covfefe- Trump. We NEED another well-spoken, BRILLIANT black man in the White House. Senator Booker, you bring me to tears with each answer you give. PLEASE RUN. YOU'VE GOT MY VOTE!

  3. Spartacus Groper your my hero please run for President. We will even look the other way if we catch you porking Don Lemon over your desk in the oval office. Your a Democrat your allowed to do that.

  4. President Trump's economy is the best in 30 plus years, lowest unemployment in the last 30 years, president Trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. More minorities are employed today than at anytime in the last 50 years. To see unhinged see maxine waters,pelosi,chucky schumer ,corey booker and the dolts of that bunch called democrats, democrats who have NOT represented the working American for 30 plus years.(Hey corey how about those women you molested)

  5. "What does love look like in public? It's justice!" Yes❤Yes❤Yes❤…"Not voting is not an act of rebellion. Not voting is an act of surrender."

    Damn, I have a whole new level or respect for Mr. Booker.

  6. I will never vote for this traitor for president or anything else. We see you Cory using people to advance your career. America is still sleep. I have voted demo because my parents were, I’m 63 and now proud to be a republican. I will vote for Trump. Cory sign the dam First step act NOW! Talk to friend Maxine Waters to do the same.

  7. Democrats have never done anything, I want to be attached to anything Trump is doing that is good. To do that they stall lie find ways to make themselves look good and have on record they were apart of something positive. This interview is a joke we passed a bill. I can’t stand these luring ass politicians. Their out to line their own pockets & cut deals while majority suffer from your anal views.


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