What’s the Best Use of a Time Machine?


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Katie, Grant, Ally, and Jess discuss the best ways to utilize hypothetical access to time travel.

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  1. I would say make Garvilo Princip a Bigger sandwich to delay his exit from the sandwich shop, this way Archduke Franz Ferdinand's parade would've already passed and he'd still be alive, and 2 World Wars wouldn't have started.

  2. Anyone who went back in time to stop Hitler specifically was doing it wrong.
    You would still have a nationalist movement fueled by massive war-debts with absolute monsters in high-ranking government positions. It might not be Adolf, but there would still be a Hitler somewhere. And the world would still be fucked, just in a potentially different way.
    If you really wanted to delay / stop the world from going to shit over the repurcussions of the past 100 years you would go back in time to save Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand and uncover who the assassin was and their motivations and political ties.

    That one moment removed a moderate politician pushing for better treatment of occupied lands and people, incited the warhawks in power (of which there were many), and effectively forced a war between Austria and Serbia, which then cascaded quickly by triggering all the Mutual Defense Pacts of each country and launching WWI, which kicked off WWII when Germany couldn't pay the debts levied against it, seeing millions of Jews tortured and murdered, and British Guilt displacing and suppressing a pre-existing country of Muslims by putting them under Jewish rule and giving everyone almost all of the bullshit we have to deal with today.

    If you're going to do something big to the timestream, you do it correctly.

  3. umm i need to make a complaint, the diversity of this group is off 3 women, one guy, 2 homosexuals, no POC, no straight males, no trans…..potentially SHAME /sarcasm


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