Trevor’s Live Election Results from Key Races | The Daily Show


Trevor’s midterm elections coverage continues with results from New York and Missouri, while Ronny Chieng, Dulcé Sloan, and Jaboukie Young-White report on key races.

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  1. Thank you affirmative action. At least half of this show’s anchors are uncreative and unfunny minorities sitting there just to fill the politically correct void. Does comedy have to suffer because everyone is so uptight and sensitive now? I sure do miss John Stewart.

  2. People, if Florida is going to keep voting for racist corrupt governors that we stop going to DISNEY!!! Boycott Florida, no more vacations they vote that motherfucker out. Make it very clear on your social media WHY you are not vacationing in Florida, send it to your granny on facebook so she can send it to her 46 friends all named Shirley, until they stop voting for racist pieces of poo they are not getting another dime from us!!!

  3. i am more disappointed for the senate race…beto gillum both lost and stacey is losing right now….hoe the fuck people dont like and vote for these charming amazing people and instead vote for ted cruz….do people distrust politicians so much that they think nice ones are evil and assholes are the good guys…or is it that people dont even listen to the policies of candidates


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