LIVE Midterm Election Coverage – The Dems Take the House | The Daily Show


Trevor covers the midterm elections LIVE as the Democrats take the House, and Desi Lydic and Michael Kosta report from Texas and California.

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  1. Guess what TREVOR and all your delusional followers?
    Ruth Ginsburg is out of commission and ready to be replaced…..
    Oh, that right you won the house by a couple seats and are so happy 😂
    To bad the Senate gets to nominate the next supreme court justice 😂😂😂😂😂
    How many is that now? Lol
    WINNING BIG President Trump 🇺🇸

  2. Feel free to scream out of joy for winning the House after spending nearly a billion dollars on energizing the supposed blue wave. . But at the end of the day, Mr Trump and the Republican party still hold the majority of the power. And this comes after 2 years of thrashing the image of the President and completely ignoring his great accomplishments thus far.

  3. Need to recount on all the DemocRATS dead people hand written votes,dead people mail in votes,illegal immigrants votes,and one voter on >10 times name show up at different voting office.

  4. When the fuck did being a conservative make you a racist? You guys got the house. Still not good enough? Go talk to the KKK who are Democrats and ask them about racism. Y’all have 3-4 liberal talk shows bashing Republicans constantly. We have what 1 and we don’t throw it all other the news like you guys do. I’m first generation American born from immigrants. I hear both sides, but one thing is I’m not blind. I see how you guys are petty as fuck dividing our country. Let me know how the higher taxes are workin! Cuz here in Chicago it’s not? California?

  5. Question? Why the hell r ppl so proud of being gay cuz it basically says tht they ain't seen the lite when it's their time and how is it okay to be a Christian and gay ? That's like being a jew and a nazi, makes no sense cuz it says in the bible that being homogeneous is punished with hell fire , but to each their own but do want the questions answered. Thanks

  6. 10:00 notice all these dumbass white people who are so privileged that they don't care about voting and don't need to vote because life is great when your white…meanwhile minorities have their votes suppressed and are gerrymandered

    must be nice to have life be that good when your white

    also what the fuck was that hippie chick talking about with the ocean?? this is why america crumbles


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