Lewis Hamilton – Breaking the Mold in Formula One Racing | The Daily Show


Lewis Hamilton describes his Formula One journey, from being an outsider to being a champion, and talks about his fashion collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

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  1. This could have been a really good interview what you should have asked Luis was about his tweet about someone in his family wearing a dress who is a male. Because mr. Hamilton acted very poorly and the thing about Lewis Hamilton to me is he seems very contrived nothing that he does outside of F1 seems like his heart is actually in it but he doesn't for an effect I respect Lewis Hamilton as an F1 driver I don't like the other persona he has but that's just my opinion but someone should have definitely ask that question

  2. Have a look at this! Any one that knows something about mechanical Aero Engineering can understand why MB wins most. Just saying [嘘] interesting that politics totally rule F1. I had no Idea do someone put this on FIA website did this drunk? Looks a bit off that MB is “ahead” Ferrari as Ferrari have double wins of MB, a bit confusing as when I follow the ABC. F comes before M or is it my English level that is to low? MB had 2 years head advancement on RD to another manufacturer team. as Dorna told MB ahead doing to ownership corruption. Also, MV are allowed to have much bigger RAM air intakes that other teams giving them More Horsepower then other teams, Put Hamilton in a Honda he would not do top 5 in any race. Its a boring competition doing this have nothing to do who is the best driver but who has the best car . https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2015/11/27/four-reasons-formula-1-is-a-mess/?utm_term=.cfc4cfab1d0c


  3. I can't name one single driver, other than Stroll, who grew up rich. There is a search for talent just like in any other sport. So, his story isn't special when it comes to that part, but rather what he was able to do and accomplish out of it all.

  4. This dude is Black?!! Frankly, I've heard about Lewis Hamilton for about 5 years now but I never considered checking out any Formula One drivers. He is a soft-spoken guy, very humble, and those are some few traits I share with him. I'd love to meet this guy.

  5. Fortuna ist mit uns 🍀Alles Gute im neuen Jahr hoffentlich gewinnt der🤩
    Lewis Hamilton noch einige Weltmeistertitel. 👍Kommt doch alle mal ins Casino Wien nach Österreich zur Entspannung beim Spiel damit man auch euch live sehen kann bitte .❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣


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