Hot Dads


The hottest quality in a man isn’t his six-pack. It’s his Dad skills.

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Written by Megan Brotherton and Marcy Minton

Megan: Megan Brotherton
Marcy: Marcy Minton
Kettle Bell Guy: Michael Minto
Dad #1: Terence Heuston
Dad #2: Jason Sims-Prewitt
Dad #3: Oscar Montoya
Dad #4: Ryan Meharry
Dad #5: Carlyle Rafanan
Dad #6: Dave Theune
Puppy: Cooper Warner
Duck: Mike Elder

Director/Producer: Megan Brotherton
1st AD: Tyler Evans
Executive Producer: David Saint
Director of Photography/Editor: Kevin Schlanser
1st AC: Preston Phillips
Gaffer: Phillip Gardner
Production Designer: Victoria O’Brien
HMU: Amy Blalock
Sound Recordist: Mike Faner
Boom Op: Omar Rojas-Cruz
Set PA’s: Diana Gonzalez Morett & Kate Morein

Color & Sound Mix: Kia Reghabi
Duck Love Scene Vocals performed by Molly Hilfman

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  1. ['pre-rant', full-disclosure: I'm a 56 yrz-of-age, white-male who raised 3 boyz, ON-MY-OWN(!!) — from diaperz!! Sooo…, I'm fully indoctrinated by, 'poopy-butts'.]
    Ok. my 'take' on this, less-than-humorous 'skit':
    yeh…, it's 'kinda' cute & mildly humorous, but, the way 'I' see it is: beside the myriad of lame, expected & distasteful poop references, annnd…, the OBSCENELY gross STALKER (factor) annnnnd…, the promotion of, 'female-on-duck' bestiality, I (we males), CAN'T laugh at it!! Simply, becawz, IF the GENDERs WERE REVERSED (in this skit) the phukkn SNOW-FLAKE, S.J.W., & FemiNazi 'brigadez' — armed with their mighty (WHINING-enhancing) mobile-phones, would be ALL over me ('us') for having a, sense-of-humor!!! Sooo…, since thoz overly-sensitive FASCISTS are doing their dead-level best, to destroy any-thing remotely funny, of (or, which) any fun-loving 'person' may have an interest, I must, there-fore (conscientiously & morally) DOWN-VOTE this senseless & gender-biased attempt at 'humor'!! Mostly, for the sake of those poor, poor phukkd-up, left-wing, self-righteous, a$$-hat, puke-faced, dim-witted, ** WEAKLING**, radicals (!!!!!) who are destroying this country…, 1-joke-at-a-time. Or…, in-another-vernacular: this crap suxx!

  2. Only a mom can appreciate dads like this. Single chicks would call them old and gross. Moms would have an appreciation. And single moms…single moms would totally jump the Drake!!


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